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Our mission is to empower people to improve their lives, help create a strong community of support and build confidence in implementing new skills through excellent mental health services.


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Owner and Founder

Therapist, Counselor, Coach

Talyn Olguin, LMFT specializes in helping individuals have healthy, happy and loving relationships. She sees families, couples and individuals.


Talyn holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University, CA. She is collaborative and direct in her approach while providing a healthy level of support to build the therapeutic relationship. Her goal is to help individuals have more effective communication, insight into their life, and overall improvement in their general well-being.


She gained the majority of her experience working in the field of depression, trauma and anxiety. Initially she specialized in suicidal and school avoidant teens, thus quickly stepping into the world of family systems. From this Talyn developed her family therapy skills and focused on creating open communication among family members, parenting interventions to reduce conflict at home and assistance in challenging the self. She has further experience from working in Conejo Valley School District as a primary therapist, domestic violence programs to assist in safety as well as transitional housing, in home counseling for at risk individuals, and residential placement for suicidal teens.


From this further involvement in both parent coaching and marriage counseling developed. She utilizes the PREP method and various works from the Gottman Institute. From her previous work with families the importance of communication and knowledge of the pitfalls that disrupt a healthy relationship became key in supporting change among couples. 


Talyn is a respected and sought-after clinician in the treatment community. Currently in private practice and working as a professor at Pepperdine University, Talyn also acts as a speaker at various events. She often speaks at schools and treatment centers. This is to help build further awareness of the growing levels of anxiety and depression within our community, as well as how to treat. Lastly she assists treatment centers across the country in in-house training, documentation, authorization with insurance and advocacy skills for clinicians on the behalf of their client.


Working directly with clients and providing that support continues to be her passion. Her goal is to promote long-term recovery for clients and family members in the healthiest most effective way possible. 

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